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    Senior Sports Trading Modeller

    BettingJobs are seeking a Senior Sports Trading Modeller for a leading Sports Betting consultancy.

    The Sports Trading Modeller will be responsible for developing trading models to improve efficiency, specifically focused on Soccer. This role would be well suited to an experienced Modeller or Trading Analyst with experience of developing predictive models within the sports betting industry.

    This role would be remotely based with occasional travel as required.


    • Collect and manage data from various sources, including game statistics, player tracking data, video footage, and external databases.
    • Ensure data quality and accuracy through cleaning and validation.
    • Develop and maintain data pipelines for efficient data collection and processing.
    • Data Analysis and Interpretation:
    • Apply statistical and modelling techniques to analyse data and identify patterns, trends, and correlations.
    • Develop meaningful visualizations and reports to communicate insights to stakeholders.
    • Answer specific questions and address business needs using data-driven solutions.
    • Translate data analysis into actionable recommendations for improving player performance, team strategy, scouting, and recruitment.
    • Collaborate with coaches, athletes, and other decision-makers to implement data-driven strategies.
    • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of data-driven initiatives.


    • Experience in developing football/soccer betting models in a professional environment.
    • Familiarity with Asian betting markets.
    • Strong analytical and statistical skills (e.g., regression analysis, machine learning).
    • Programming skills (Python, R, SQL).
    • Knowledge of C++ would be beneficial.
    • Data visualization skills (e.g., Tableau, Power BI).
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
    • Understanding of the specific sport and its data ecosystem.
    • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

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