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    At BettingJobs, our candidates are also our clients

    The world over, the biggest failing of many recruitment agencies is focusing entirely on the client.

    At BettingJobs, we recognise equal value in both, and this is what our reputation is built on: a first-class service for both candidates and clients.

    Making a move in your career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. We realise that you are placing your career in our hands – and with it, your trust. At BettingJobs, we ensure that your search is handled in a discrete, sensitive, timely, and professional manner.


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    Our promise:

    At BettingJobs, we realise how important it is for candidates to feel they are dealing with professionals at the centre of the industry ecosystem. Our Candidate Promise is what sets BettingJobs apart. It forms our internal guidelines and ensures our reputation remains undisputed.

    Consult with you and give professional recommendations, while always listening to your career expectations and aspirations.

    Communicate processes clearly, concisely and with transparency.

    Strive to ensure satisfaction and leave you with a positive candidate experience.

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