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    Customer Retention Executive

    BettingJobs are working with a new brand live in the Nigerian market, they are growing rapidly and expanding their marketing team in Lagos. They are searching for a Customer Retention Executive to join them, this is an office-based role and requires prior experience of working in the iGaming industry. Apply today for a confidential discussion.



    • Monitors and analyse customer behaviour, including their betting patterns, preferences, and engagement levels. Understanding customer behaviour helps in identifying potential churn risks and opportunities for retention.
    • Based on the analysis of customer behaviour, the expert devises effective retention strategies to keep existing customers engaged and loyal to the platform. This may involve creating personalized offers, bonuses, and promotions tailored to individual customers.
    • Loyalty programs are designed to reward frequent bettors and incentivize them to continue using the platform. The Customer Retention executive will develop and implement loyalty programs that offer perks such as bonus bets, cashback rewards, or exclusive access to events.
    • Overseeing communication channels such as email newsletters, SMS notifications, and in-app messages to keep customers informed about promotions, events, and updates related to the brand.
    • Analyse customer feedback to identify pain points and implement changes that enhance the overall customer experience.
    • Staying informed about the strategies and offerings of competitors in the sports betting industry is important for maintaining a competitive edge as well as monitoring competitor activity and benchmarks the company’s retention efforts against industry standards.
    • Regularly analysing retention metrics and reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) helps assess the effectiveness of retention strategies. The expert uses data-driven insights to refine and optimize retention initiatives for better results.
    • Collaboration with other teams such as marketing, product development, and finance is essential for aligning retention efforts with broader business objectives. The Customer Retention executive will be required to work closely with cross-functional teams to ensure a coordinated approach to customer retention.
    • The sports betting industry is dynamic and constantly evolving and staying updated with industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies to adapt retention strategies accordingly and stay ahead of the competition.


    Jack Finnie

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