In celebration of an exceptional month of March, our talented team was treated to a memorable team building day out of the office in Glasgow city centre last week!

Our day began with lunch, followed by a fun game of Topgolf to see who could hit a hole-in-one. This was a great way to mark the start of the Master’s and the Easter weekend, and we were lucky enough to be treated with some (rare) but glorious Scottish spring sunshine. Although it is fair to say we did not discover the next Jack Nicklaus amongst our team, we still managed to have a fantastic time.

At BettingJobs, we pride ourselves in providing our team members with a variety of fantastic incentives throughout the year to reward them for their dedication and hard work. As part of our efforts to promote teamwork and reward our employees, we embark on annual ski trips to the French Alps and hold regular social and teambuilding events such as our day out last week. We strongly believe in praising our staff for their efforts, which in turn allows us to remain the go to global iGaming recruitment consultants.

Hear from our staff members about life at BettingJobs below:

“Here at BettingJobs, each day we are given the opportunity to help people advance in their careers and can completely change the path people are going on for good. For me, when someone is genuinely grateful to you for changing their circumstances for the better and doing a professional job, that’s the most rewarding part of what we do.

We also have open relationships with managers, and new starts in the team are learning from people with 15+ years of experience in the industry, so you quickly gain a deep understanding of iGaming. This provides those who are starting out with a lot of confidence in terms of feeling competent about what you do.

We’re lucky to get to travel regularly to industry events and be given the opportunity to get out and see some of the world as part of just doing the job. One of the most enjoyable aspects of working at BettingJobs is the atmosphere and social team environment, everyone has close relationships so the relaxed and social side to work adds a lot of enjoyment to what we do day to day.” – Iain Watson, Senior iGaming Recruitment Consultant

My first year at BettingJobs has been super exciting and I have been given the opportunity to learn so much about the iGaming industry, which is truly fascinating. I recently travelled to London with the team for my first ICE conference (one of the biggest events on the iGaming calendar), which was an amazing experience as I got to and meet with and speak to so many candidates and clients from all around the world. 

Since starting at BettingJobs, everyone has been incredibly supportive, welcoming, friendly, and the team culture here is second to none. I have learned from my incredible mentor Carla Souter who has guided me through my first year and has shown me the ropes. Having gone from knowing nothing about the industry a year ago to now becoming a fully independent iGaming recruiter with the help of Carla and the rest of the team is something I am extremely proud of.

The opportunity to play a role in helping candidates land their dream roles and completely change their lives is extremely rewarding. I have placed many candidates over the past year who have faced hardships such as sudden unexpected life changes or redundancy; therefore, watching them succeed in their new positions is one of my favourite parts of the job.” – Iona Harris, iGaming Recruitment Consultant

If our workplace sounds like somewhere you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to hear from you! We are currently hiring for the role of Graduate Recruitment Consultant.

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