Betting Jobs’ discuss the continuing expansion of their North American client base and current trends in the region.

As recruitment activity continues to recover strongly in the second half of a long year, particular encouragement can be taken from the volume coming from the American market. Our vacancies across North America can be accessed here: North American roles.

The market’s potential is of course no secret. American ambitions have rightly dominated gaming headlines in recent years following the move towards state legislation. This continues to evolve week on week.

American market movements are, as always, a key topic of conversation in our office and with our contacts across the industry.

With this in mind, the recent launch of the Wedge Index from Wedge News grabbed our attention. The Wedge Index ranks each US state by gauging the degree to which each state is embracing pro-gambling legislation and the consumer choices therefore available to their players. It is no surprise to see New Jersey holding top place, acknowledging their market-leading range of both betting and gaming options available to customers online.

In particular, New Jersey has led the way in bringing regulated online casino gaming to players at a time when land-based casinos and the sportsbook sector have faced unprecedented restrictions. This strength, coupled with a return to large-scale betting volume at the launch of the new NFL season, have resulted in a record-breaking monthly handle for the state in August.

Our own American office was opened in New Jersey this year. We continue to see sustained growth in our local client base in line with the indicators outlined by Wedge News. As we speak, we are working with a number of exciting operators and suppliers in Hoboken and beyond. The priority requirements cover the full spectrum experienced technical, marketing, and commercial hires.

We also note the encouraging standing of Colorado. We previously looked at the market shortly after launch in State of Play: Colorado Sports Betting, and continue to watch the market’s development. Month on month handle figures are increasing as venues reopen and gain momentum. Add to this the expected sports betting bounce of the NFL return when September’s figures are released, and all signs are positive.

We have spoken with several contacts in play within Colorado already, and are ready to assist further as targeted local recruitment grows along with the maturity of the market.

We have devoted much time recently in delivering on a number of significant recruitment drives with committed clients stateside. As industry operators and suppliers strive to gain market traction across multiple states, we are assisting in building specialist teams of market-leading experience and talent at a national level.

A major project (detailed here by Chris Miller) is well underway, drawing on gaming and betting talent across multiple states. All aspects of the hiring push remain available and open to candidates with experiences in the betting and iGaming industry. In particular, we are keen to speak to individuals with strong account management experience, both technical and commercial, as this is an urgent priority.

Additionally, a well-established games studio with operations in a number of states is targeting significant expansion to their engineering and games design teams. These roles are split across studios in both Texas and Georgia, and are open to candidates at a range of experience levels and specialities. The range of opportunities are expanded upon here by Jennifer Innes, and listed in detail on our site.

We also continue to work with a number of fast-growing industry firms in New York, Illinois, Kentucky and beyond. Our network is connecting iGaming and Betting talent to businesses making critical hires requiring market experience. We also regularly bring new and exciting candidates in to the industry from other comparable sectors.

Our network in North America is substantial and continues to grow, in no small part due to these large-scale recruitment projects and further projects in our pipeline. We always strive to offer a fully consultative relationship to our clients, providing market insight and guidance alongside our lengthy track record in connecting candidates with vacancies.

Building on this foundation of knowledge and expertise, our own Chris Miller (Managing Director) and David Copeland (Founder) have also announced in recent weeks the launch of their strategic advisory ic3group in partnership with KMI Gaming’s Keith McDonnell. The service holds an industry-leading accumulation of experience, global connection and expertise, perfectly placed to assist those targeting growth and expansion at all levels in the gaming sector.

We now enter what is traditionally a very busy quarter, even more so in 2020. The months ahead will be filled with more high-volume hiring projects for businesses at critical stages of growth, and urgent contingency recruitment. In the American market, this runs hand in hand with the busiest sports betting season and a presidential election for good measure. We recognise that our quality and speed of service is all the more critical in alleviating the pressures of time and risk at such a time, and enjoy the challenge of delivering for our clients.

Communication is key in fulfilling hiring requirements quickly and successfully, and this is all the more true at times of high volume. If you are seeking a new challenge in the industry, or in need of the right talent, we’re here to talk.

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