BettingJobs was thrilled to sponsor Women in Gaming group’s Yoga Day on Saturday 7th of October in Sliema, Malta. The event was being organised by Ivonne Montealegre, The Malta Poker Festival Founder & Event Director, and a legendary figure within the iGaming industry. Members of the Women in Gaming Group were welcome to attend the Yoga Day free of charge, which brought together some of the most talented women within the iGaming industry for a fun and relaxing afternoon on the picturesque coastline of Malta. 

Ivonne explains more about the event below:

“We want to connect with several activities in our different locations. It’s important to engage in activities that nurture both our professional aspirations and our personal well-being. So, why not join a free yoga class sponsored by BettingJobs, where women in the industry can come together and find a unique space to network? We want to provide a refreshing change from the bustling atmosphere of pubs and the everyday hustle and bustle.”

At BettingJobs, we previously reported on statistics which reiterated the underrepresentation of women in the iGaming industry. We believe events like this along with the Women in Gaming WhatsApp group will continue to provide women with further opportunities for development by interacting with like-minded individuals out with typical networking settings such as dinner and drinks. Therefore, we are committed to supporting events which promote women’s wellbeing and create a safe, inviting environment for networking. Although there is evidence that the gender gap in the sector is narrowing, gatherings such as this allow some of the industry’s most talented women to share business advice as well as providing an opportunity for socialising.

In a recent survey we conducted on LinkedIn, 31% of respondents stated they feel ‘More Opportunities for Development’ would motivate a higher number of women to enter the iGaming industry. Ideally, we would like to see more events like this which place an emphasis on mindfulness and provide networking opportunities during busy conference weeks.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Ivonne and the Women in Gaming group admins for arranging this inspiring event. To find out more about becoming a part of the Women in Gaming group, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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