With its beautiful cities, countryside, and beaches, Europe is becoming an increasingly popular relocation destination for iGaming professionals from around the world.  Our guide highlights just a few European countries where we have an extensive selection of opportunities and why they could be a great relocation option for you.


Malta is well known for its breath-taking Blue Grotto and beautiful ancient buildings. The island is also home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – The City of Valletta, The Megalithic Temples and Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum.

In terms of cost of living, Malta is considerably cheaper than most other European countries. Malta is estimated to be approximately 37% cheaper than the UK. For further context, rent of a one-bedroom property in the capital city of Valletta will likely cost around €800 – €1,000+ per month. On the otherhand, rent of a three-bedroom property in a more rural location such Birzebbuga can cost around €1200 per month.

Maltese and English are the official languages of Malta, with many residents also speaking fluent Italian.

The typical Maltese working week is 40 hours. Generally speaking, most employees are in the office from 8am to 5pm. Despite its small size, the island is a major hub for the iGaming industry, as many influential companies have offices and operations there. Therefore, Malta presents a host of excellent opportunities for those who wish to work in the industry.

Maltas education system is split into 4 stages: pre-primary (3yrs – 5yrs), primary (5yrs – 11yrs), secondary (11yrs to 18yrs) and tertiary. The education system in Malta closely mirrors that of Britain’s, and school is compulsory up to the age of 16.


With an average of 320 days of sunshine per year, Cyprus is a popular European holiday destination, attracting over 3 million tourists annually. Cyprus’ climate is perfect for those who enjoy water activities, which can be undertaken on one of the island’s beautiful beaches, 76 of which have been awarded a Blue Flag for safety and cleanliness.

Cyprus has a large expat community and is a popular destination with digital nomads due to a rise in online working patterns, and locals are very welcoming to toursits and foreigners. Although the official languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish, English is widely spoken across the country and is taught in schools.

Working hours and patterns in Cyprus are similar to the UK. Most work between the hours of 8.30am – 5.30pm, 5 days per week. Employees can earn up to 19,500 Euros tax free in Cyprus, meaning the country has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe.


With its glorious year-round climate, world famous cuisine, vibrant cities, and a plethora of beaches, Spain is widely recognised as an exceptional relocation destination. This is evident, as around 17% of Spain’s population is foreign born.

Spain has an excellent state funded education system, and is renowned for its prestigious universities. The University of Barcelona has been ranked #1 University in Spain, and 83rd in the world for academic reputation.

The social life in Spain is regarded as one of the best in Europe. Locals prioritise mealtime and dining together, therefore most venues remain open late in the evening. There are plenty of cafes and entertainment choices from live music to shows on offer every day of the week.


Amongst the many reasons people choose to relocate to Portugal include its relaxed lifestyle, world-class golf courses, and exquisite food and drink. Additionally, Portugal is regarded as one of the most affordable countries in Western Europe. Numbeo reports that rent in Porto is 43.4% cheaper than Berlin, and groceries are 33.4% cheaper than Amsterdam.

Portugal is also recognised for its low crime rates. It is observed as one of the safest countries not only in Europe, but in the world, where it ranked 7th in the 2023 Global Peace Index.

Education in Portugal is mandatory between the ages of 6-18. Students attend primary school from ages 6-15, and secondary school from ages 15-18. Portugal ranked 18th in the ‘Top 20 Best Countries in the World for Higher Education 2023‘ list, and is home to a great selection of universities such as ‘University of Lisbon’ and ‘University of Porto’.


Given its short 2hr 50min flight from the UK paired with average summer temperatures reaching an envious 24.5 degrees celsius, it’s easy to understand why Gibraltar is a popular relocation destination. Gibraltar is also home to a diverse and friendly iGaming community!

Individuals in Gibraltar have a choice of two different tax systems: a gross income tax system or an allowance-based system. In Gibraltar, there is no sales tax or VAT on purchases made in high street stores. Additional tax benefits of being a resident in Gibraltar include zero inheritance tax and no taxes on pensions.

The government of Gibraltar offers free nursery placements for parents who choose to enrol their children. Primary and secondary education in Gibraltar is provided full-time, free of charge, and is compulsory for children aged 4-15.

As Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory, it’s healthcare system is similar to the NHS, and is highly regarded. When required, healthcare referrals in Gibraltar are also made in the NHS in addition to Spanish hospitals.

We hope our European relocation guide has helped you decide which location is the best fit for you. Or, potentially it has made the decision a little harder with the attractive choices presented.

Take a look at the extensive selection of European iGaming opportunities available at BettingJobs. Contact our expert team for more information on our professional recruitment services, which includes relocation support and salary advice.

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