By Iain Watson 

Stuart Armstrong and I were in Cape Town last week attending SiGMA Africa 2024. After returning home to a less sunny Glasgow, we are excited to share our insights into this year’s show and the African iGaming scene.

SiGMA Africa was a very productive and enjoyable show overall. The conference was the ideal size in my opinion, which made it easy to find everyone and navigate your way around the floor plan. There are plenty of opportunities in Africa and within the local South African market with the emergence of new start-ups and the growth of established companies in the region.

There was a feeling that everyone was there to work rather than to socialise.  I had various insightful meetings, and the networking opportunities were excellent. Many senior iGaming individuals already live in Cape Town/South Africa, which is brilliant to see from a recruitment perspective, and I hope more shows will be held there in future.

Stuart provides his opinion on the show below:

“I had an amazing week in Cape Town last week during my first time at SiGMA Africa. It was an excellent conference with so much opportunity, and I will definitely be back. It was great to meet with so many brilliant people whilst there.

A notable trend Iain and I observed at the show was that there has been a significant increase in new operators emerging in South Africa. It was evident more candidates are now choosing to relocate to South Africa to take on new positions within the industry, and as Iain mentioned, there is a lot of Senior and C-Level individuals already living in South Africa. I think it is also worth mentioning that the African market has become incredibly innovative in recent years and has so much potential.

Iain and I would like to extend a special thanks to Barrie Swart for showing us the sights, and to Gali Hartuv and Adi Hartuv for being great hosts, helping make our first time in South Africa a truly memorable one.”

Thank you to the SiGMA team for organising a great show!

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