Senior DevOps Engineer

Job Type:
IT & Technical
Eastern Europe
Salary Description:
€Competitive Salary Offered
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Key Responsibilities:

• Maintain, configure and liaise with 3rd parties regarding network infrastructure and its components
• Design, configure, install and maintain all hardware including, but not limited to clustered, stand alone servers, blade servers and SAN storage solutions
• Support System architecture and its applications using open-source and proprietary technologies like Apache HTTPD, MySQL replication and/or clustering, Python, PHP, NoSQL databases, Memcache servers et al.
• Setup Development, Staging and Production environments using best practices, including virtualisation, OS, management scripts, monitoring agents, etc.
• Manage deployment systems and processes
• Implement security and intrusion prevention strategy
• Backup and Disaster recovery procedures
• Implement monitoring and alert services

Technical skills:

• Comfortable configuring Cisco ASA firewalls, HP ProLiant switches, MSA Storage SAN, including vendor specific high-availability solutions
• Strong network knowledge, including subnets, VLAN, routing, NAT
• Excellent MySQL, Oracle or other RDBMS management, including different storage engines and high-availability solutions (native replication/clustering, percona, etc)
• Excellent Linux administration skills with different distributions like CentOS, RedHat or Ubuntu, including basic services like Samba, iptables, postfix/sendmail, logrotate, etc
• Experienced with different virtualisation solutions like VMWare, XenServer or KVM
• Versed with Continuous deployment procedures and solutions like Fabric, Jenkins or Capistrano
• Proficient with Automation software for server management ex. Puppet, Chef or Salt
• Experienced with setting and using monitoring tools like Zenoss, Nagios orCacti
• Experienced with using Linux command line tools to troubleshoot and analyze problems in a system
• Skilled implementing backup strategies, data rotation and log analysis
• Experienced with maintaining HP Blade enclosures, servers and SAN storage

Desirable Skills:

• Proven experience in high-traffic and high-available systems;
• Capable of writing complex bash, python, perl or other scripts
• Comfortable with database configuration, fine tuning and different storage engines
• Experience with message queue systems configuration (ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ)
• Experience with administering NoSQL solutions such as Redis and MongoDB would be desirable
• Working experience with Scalable Distributed file systems and big volumes of data handling would be considered a plus

Contact Details:
Tel: +44 (0) 1355 588 988
Contact: Mark Jardine

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