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Marketing, Design
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Competitive Salary Offered
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18814 are working with a successful e-commerce business who operate many iGaming brands. In this role, you'll be responsible for creating marketing materials, product descriptions as well as emails and direct mail content. Our client work in a fast-paced market that occasionally requires irregular work hours and quick turnarounds, so flexibility is critical for success in this position. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working in a collaborative environment and using data to make marketing decisions.

You will take charge of unique brands under your care, and will be responsible for all communication aspects, protecting the brand identity, speaking deliberately and innovatively to a specific target audience and also keep the brand websites updated, fresh and SEO relevant. They use a vast array of communication platforms and as the custodian of your brands, you will be responsible for using them all according to the training received, and thereafter briefed in on the marketing road map and instructions handed down by the Marketing Director and your Line Manager.

Key Responsibilities:

● Write high-engagement content that reflects the brand's voice;
● Collaborate with the Marketing Team to develop a variety of content marketing materials;
● Produce error-free content that adheres to the company's style guidelines;
● Interpret creative direction and adapt points from creative briefs into persuasive copy concepts;
● Simultaneously manage multiple projects with short deadlines;
● Propose copy concepts and present underlying strategic thinking to Management.

Communication PLATFORMS will include (but not limited to):

● Website Hero Sliders
● Website Promotion Blocks
● Website Tickers
● Website News
● Websites Pop Ups
● Email
● Gamification
● Push Crew
● Social Media
● WhatsApp
● Direct Mail
● SEO content

You will be tasked with generating stand-alone copy, or text to complement visual concepts created by the designer, or as instructed by your Manager, across all platforms, including:

● Liaise with Manager and Designer regarding content needed for websites Hero Sliders and Promotional blocks
● Updating Websites via CMS for the brands under your care
● Adapting to and be prepared to take on a new or existing brand when assigned to you
● Write Emails (all the various types across all audiences)
● Create offers and codes for the promotion / campaign according to guidelines.
● Do all content in advance so that Designer has enough turnaround time to complete templates; graphics and other assets required per promotion / campaign
● Set up and run Social media where possible and developing new avenues
● Provide SMS Copy
● Provide WhatsApp copy where applicable
● Write a minimum of 2x weekly News Articles per brand
● Provide Marketing assets as & when needed
● Write Press releases
● Write Game Reviews for every new Game (SEO focused)
● Write regular unique Casino Reviews
● Conceptualise and write copy for Direct Mail Campaigns and/or Brochures
● Check proofs for DM’s and check that all is G2G before giving the go ahead for printing
● Email Campaigns
● Digital Promotions
● Copy for the Affiliate programme linked to your Casino Brands
● Copy for additional ventures as the Company expands
● Conceptualising themes as well as creating all copy necessary for a new brand

All copy should adhere to the objectives of the project, staying within the brief and being completely grammatically accurate, and detail checked with a magnifying glass so as not to send out an error with regards to the offers.

This role will require that you:

● Familiarise yourself with your brands, target audience and competitor activities;
● Take ownership of all marketing related to brands assigned to you;
● Interpret briefs and answer them to a very high standard, and transform brief into persuasive copy concepts;
● Develop creative strategies that are forward-thinking and in-line with current media trends;
● Demonstrate a clear understanding of campaign objectives and devise strategies to achieve them;
● Offer creative ideas and encourage others to share their ideas;
● Collaborate with other departments to ensure effective execution of promotion;
● Check all copy generated by team members and offer feedback when necessary;
● Simultaneously manage multiple projects, with the ability to switch from one to the other seamlessly;
● Meet deadlines and stay within budget constraints;
● Push clients towards fresh, exciting ideas;
● Have the ability to balance the tightrope of never losing sight of the objective plus ensuring excellent ROI;
● Present initial ideas to the marketing manager, some of which may be rejected or developed into workable concepts;
● Pay attention to detail;
● Conduct yourself with integrity and professionalism;
● Ability to work under pressure;
● Skilled in writing clear, concise and grammatically correct copy;
● Work well in a team;
● Plan ahead or schedule priorities;
● Use feedback from colleagues to sharpen your writing skills and deliver finished pieces that attract and persuade;
● Generate ideas for campaigns, promotions, emails;
● Actively participate in brainstorming sessions;
● Oversee the production phase of all projects;
● Possess good leadership, people and project management skills;
● Highly self-motivated and well-organised;
● Have an understanding of SEO concepts;
● Proficient in Word, Outlook, Google Docs and any other software the Company deems necessary.

Contact Details:
Tel: +44 7485346100
Contact: BettingJobs

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