Director of Digital Marketing (Mexico)

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Permanent, Contract
Executive & Senior Appointments, Marketing
Europe, Remote, LATAM, North America
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Competitive Salary Offered
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Define and ensure the Marketing and Customer Experience strategy, as well as consolidate growth through market diversification, measurement of business performance, brand positioning and digital transformation, in order to achieve business objectives, ensuring the permanence and development of the group .


1. Define and ensure the customer experience strategy in order to achieve a unique and differentiating offer that achieves the group's business objectives

2. Ensure that the commercial strategy is in place in the organization in order to meet revenue objectives

3. Ensure Marketing and Commercial practices guarantee excellent customer experience in a comprehensive and unique manner

4. Define and establish the loyalty strategy across various channels (Online and Land-Based) in order to ensure customer retention and satisfaction

5. Guarantee the development of markets, products or services in conjunction with the group's expansion strategy

6. Ensures the success of Business Intelligence, as well as the measurement of its performance, to allow the generation of new strategies and enhance the development and consolidation of the group

7. Define and safeguard the identity of the brand, as well as design the strategic plan that allows the increase of value for brand development and positioning

8. Define and lead the digital transformation and marketing strategy, in order to evolve commercial strategy and keep the group current and competitive

9. Define the strategy and guidelines of Commercial Partnerships and Sponsorships in order to ensure joint development with other interest groups, ensuring the care of the brand


Ability to: articulate and establish the vision and purpose of the company, identify trends and connect the dots ("see around the corner"), build a map of how to get "there", gain ownership of your work team and staff of vision and purpose, build a solid organizational culture based on values ​​and principles, see things in the same information that other executives do not see or ignore

Knowledge of the business and the industry. These executives have the knowledge of the business and industry necessary for the effective performance of their function, they are recognized as specialized and experienced people, they understand the key success factors as well as the "drivers" of the business.

Ability to: align, inspire and mobilize your work team and staff to act and commit to a vision and goal, promote and be the example of the company's values ​​and principles, delegate authority for decision-making at the corresponding level, lead manage and facilitate processes of change, face thinking and act creatively in moments or situations of crisis, listen and/or communicate ideas and thoughts clearly and convincingly

Ability to: promote and facilitate collaboration and teamwork between functional areas to achieve the vision, provide the appropriate level of feedback regarding team progress, resolve and provide the most appropriate cause for conflicts that arise, build a dedicated and committed team

Ability to: make use of the full potential of the staff under their responsibility, assign them tasks and projects to accelerate their development and growth, give them feedback and coaching so that they are aware of their areas of opportunity, help people grow together with the business

Ability to: listen and understand the needs and concerns of customers, ensure that this orientation is the driving force for all value-added activities in the business, assist them to achieve their objectives and goals, build and develop a relationship of trust long term

Ability to: focus your personal efforts and energy on achieving results consistent with the business objectives, set challenging goals and objectives for yourself and your work team, stay focused on the progress of your objectives and goals with rigorous monitoring and timely corrections

Ability to: set clear goals and priorities, focus your team on the main initiatives (“vital few”), effectively organize work, priorities, work schedule, ensure the pace of progress, make sound decisions on content and people , align a few goals across the organization and simplify things in a way that others understand, ensure rigorous tracking of goals and objectives

Ability to: look at a problem differently, from a different point of view, question the current way of doing things looking for new solutions to current problems, are creative and aware that they must take risks when proposing different solutions, consider models and practices developed in other industries to generate new solutions, generates new interpretations of a problem that lead to creative solutions of higher value

Contact Details:
Tel: +44 (0) 1355 588 988
Contact: Jonathan

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