India Country Lead

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Marketing, Operations, eSports
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Competitive Salary Offered
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Bettingjobs are working with a growing startup uniquely positioned to disrupt the archaic online gambling space. The founders and staff come from the gaming and esports scene and are now working their way into the betting world. This approach differs from a lot of operators who come from the betting world and see esports as an opportunity. They are looking to expand into India and are looking for an expert in this market.

In this role, you will be expected to:
● Have intimate familiarity with the local gaming and esports scene.
● Find partners (influencers/streamers) endemic to the local esports scene,
negotiate and set up campaigns with them
● Manage partnership/advertising deals, making sure deliverables are executed
and targets/KPIs for each deal is hit
● Have experience and knowledge of the local sports scene
● The ability to follow closely, with interest, the changing popularity of video game
titles, esports teams, players, and content creators in the country.
● Experience developing detailed business plans and budgets. Specifically, setting
up monthly, quarterly, and annual KPI targets; articulating a clear business strategy that is supported by data and a timeline of milestones that the company
can expect to see against such KPI’s; collaborating across multiple departments in the company to ensure all stakeholders interest are reflected and detailed in the business plan and what is required for it to meet those KPI targets.
● Experience organizing performance tracking spreadsheets that illustrates where efforts are tracking against KPI’s and budgets.
● Experience preparing monthly reports for management that highlights all relevant data from the prior month, including wins, losses, learnings, the monthly P&L, and any next steps to action those learnings for the next month. These should be simply articulated in clear and concise language.
● Ability to collaborate with the company’s product, creative, and marketing teams to ensure that the user experience and outbound efforts reflect the specific tone and nuance that makes each country unique.
● Operating with an entrepreneurs mindset. Regularly thinking of your country as your own business, and constantly looking for new opportunities, optimizations in day/day operations, speaking to customers and relaying feedback to the company to action in order to enhance the experience, and anything else relevant in ensuring its success.
● Be clear on the competitive landscape of gambling operators within the region and able to create a game plan to not just compete with them, but pull ahead.
● The ability to document and create processes that are scalable and enable you to build a team around you that does not need to be micromanaged as a result.
● Experience building and managing a team. This includes monthly goal setting, mentorship, and oversight to ensure they are executing to the highest standard. Creating a sense of agency is key as well, where all team members under you feel empowered and able to act with confidence.
● The ability to operate alone without continuous oversight.

● Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar operational role.
● Experience working with financial models and data driven work.
● Ability to work in a high pressure environment where when things go wrong you
are able to remain calm and execute.
● Flexible schedule to allow coordination and communication with colleagues in
GMT-5 up to GMT-0 time zones.
● Experience in working remotely and being a driven, self-starter
● Able to commit fully to Rivalry; no side projects or other clients
● English fluency.

Contact Details:
Tel: +44 (0) 1355 588 988
Contact: BettingJobs

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