Client Overview

Executive Search

Naturally, networking within any given space for so many years means the level of your network will grow as the seniority of your connections grows. BettingJobs is in the enviable position of having operated within our sector since its early days. Our relationships date back to 2003 - in this time we have grown with the industry and our contacts. Our track record and reputation allows BettingJobs direct access to the very highest levels of the sector. Which, in turn, allows our clients access to our network.

Executive appointments transform organisations - and we know that the leaders you select will define yours. Understanding your business from the top down is our business. The BettingJobs Management Team is talented and knowledgeable, able to understand your executive requirements and discuss your search in a consultative, sensitive, and professional manner. Our services are retained for Executive Search, and a member of our Management Team will be assigned to the project on a full-time, exclusive basis. Elite searches require elite candidates, and as our client you will feel reassured that you are partnering with an elite search partner.

Exclusive Partnership

BettingJobs knows that engaging with a recruitment partner on an exclusive basis is an extremely careful decision for clients and not one that can be made on a whim. It is a decision that can only be made when the client has full confidence and trust in the selected partner. There is no bigger endorsement in recruiting than your client putting full faith in you to source and deliver the talent that will be the building blocks to the success of the business.

It is testament to BettingJobs' success that we are proudly the chosen exclusive recruitment partner for many of our key clients.

Operating to watertight Service Level Agreements, BettingJobs is able to provide a flexible and tailored solution for clients who are looking to work with a single, exclusive partner. In a competitive yet relatively small marketplace, more & more often our clients are looking to elevate BettingJobs' importance within their recruiting strategy. We will consult with you - identifying your recruitment objectives, and help you prioritise. In an Exclusive Partnership, BettingJobs will work to clearly defined parameters focused on delivery, dedicating an experienced team member to be your Partnership Manager. The benefits to you are: focus, dedication, speed, accuracy. 

When assigned as an Exclusive Partner, we take ownership for your issue and it becomes ours to resolve.

Contingency Recruitment

No matter the assignment, BettingJobs expect to exceed our clients' expectations. Contingency Recruitment is operated on a no-placement, no-fee basis. It is the most common method of engagement in recruitment and BettingJobs continues to apply our usual approach in this situation. Our mindset is always targeted, strategic, and based on knowledge. Our Consultants will take a detailed description of your requirements and search the marketplace for the best talent to match your brief.

This is the area where the widest range of roles are managed. No two assignments are the same - our team will consult with you to constantly refine the search and find the candidate you are looking for, no matter how restrictive the brief.

The Contingency method allows all of our clients access to our unique network of qualified industry candidates. We operate a very strict 'quality, not quantity' policy. Our reputation is on the line by the promise of quality, and we won't take this for granted.

Contract / Interim Solutions

BettingJobs is leading solutions provider in our field. As our industry matures, we are seeing an ever-increasing demand for Contracting and / or Interim Solutions. We will consult to help you identify problems within your business and work with you to find a solution.

Whether your issue is strategic, technical, commercial or operational, BettingJobs has access to a vast network of industry experts whose talents can be utilised to help you fill critical skills gaps in your team. We can introduce you to specific individuals to help fix specific problems, but our service is also scaleable depending on the size of the issue. The service is perfect for clients looking for short-term talent to meet deadlines, or for a more extensive strategic analysis of the business in its entirety.

Our Consulting network is pre-selected and vetted. Whatever the issue, BettingJobs are the experts in identifying who is best to help you find resolution.

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