Candidate Promise

As our candidate, you are also our client. It is our Policy to always act with a genuine commitment to providing you with the highest levels of service.

Ensuring you feel comfortable, satisfied, and in very capable hands is our mission. To achieve this, we have created a set of standards that, to you, is our Candidate Promise.

We promise to:

  • Only send your CV to a client with your authorisation.
  • Consult with you and give professional recommendations, but always listen to your expectations and aspirations.
  • Treat you with respect at all times.
  • Communicate process clearly and concisely.
  • Respect your right to decide.
  • Where possible, provide constructive and objective feedback following interview.
  • Try to respond to every email. We're not perfect - some do slip through the net - but we will endeavour to reply to you.
  • Tell you if we don't have suitable openings currently, or if we don't have updates from a client. We won't just disappear.
  • Act at all times ethically, honestly, and with transparency.
  • Strive to ensure satisfaction and leave you with a positive experience.

At BettingJobs, we realise the importance our candidates feeling like they are dealing with professionals who play a valuable role in the industry's ecosystem. Our Candidate Promise defines the parameters that sets BettingJobs aside within the market, and are our internal guidelines to ensuring that our reputation within the candidate pool continues to grow stronger.

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